“I can’t express how wonderful your company was to work with and how wonderful you treated us.  Thank you very much for working with us, the entire experience was wonderful.  Everyone was always kind, responsive and timely.  Thank you again!”


Mr. and Mrs. Eades, Proud Homeowners – Country Squire – Toledo Ohio.

“I have been an investor for over 30 years.  I have made and lost significant amounts of money in the stock market.  Three years ago I decided that I needed to diversify a portion of my 401K in a fixed income investment.  After a tremendous amount of research I decided to invest with Oakridge Investment Group.  This has been a “hassle free” investment.  The monthly payments have been deposited like clockwork and OIG has worked with me to insure that all paperwork is properly documented so that I do not have problems with the IRS.  The absolute best thing about this investment with OIG is that the principle will never go down!  I could not be happier with my investment.”


M. Christensen – Member of Reia – Investor 

“Our house is a very, very fine house.”  Those are the words from an old ballad from the sixties that sums up our feelings for our home on Grantly here in Toledo.  Not in our wildest expectations did we ever think it possible that we would own such a marvelous structure as we now line in!  We were fortunate enough to locate it prior to remodeling.  You tailor made this home for us as though you were part of our family.  During the entire remodeling our opinion was sought on every aspect of construction.  Every time we visited the house, your staff was genuinely interest in satisfying us.  It was apparent even then, that the finished product would be a show place.  From the very remodeling of the bathroom and the power washing of the exterior to the very details of the landscaping, you permitted our ideas to blend with your expertise to make it the jewel of the block.  All of our questions during the transaction were promptly answered and our concerns were readily addressed.  We thank you again for the opportunity to give us a residence that we will cherish the rest of our lives.”


Jeanne and Bob Trottier, Proud Homeowners – Grantly Rd.- Toledo, OH


“As I mentioned to friends that my husband and I were looking to buy a new home, many responded, “Oh, this is a great time to buy; it is a buyer’s market.”  What they did not realize is that while there are numerous homes for sale right now, many are not in good shape and need a great deal of work – more than we had the time and resources to give.  I was becoming discouraged because we couldn’t seem to find a house that was in good shape and affordable.  However, we looked at a house that Oakridge had for sale, and our search was finally done!  Oakridge had remodeled this house; it was everything we had been looking for, and it was in our price range.  As a first-time home buyer, I was unprepared for the numerous details that must be accounted for in a house purchase.  However, Oakridge supported us through the entire process.  They attended to all the details in the house, answered the questions, cooperated with the bank to take care of all the paperwork and worked quickly to help us get into our new home as soon as possible.  I was impressed with their attention to detail and quality of work.  Through Oakridge, we found a house we are proud to call home.”

Julie S, Proud Homeowner – Toledo, OH

“We want to Thank You for making this dream possible for us!  We were living in an apartment and decided we needed more room.  We began to ride around west Toledo looking for homes.  We found a few that we liked and they were lease-option homes from Oakridge Investments.  What impressed us most was the appearance, quality and cleanliness of the homes.  We were able to move in and not have to “fork out” any additional costs.  The staff was friendly and professional, Mick and Ryan set up credit counseling for us and a mortgage broker.  They were effiecient and wonderful to work with.  Our dream of owing a home became a reality within 6 months!  I would definitely recommend them to anyone.  Thanks again OIG!”


(Thank you basket from Rhonda and Ken.) 

Ken and Rhonda Walker, Proud Homeowners – Toledo, OH

“I looked at several other Lease Option homes before I bought from Oakridge Investments. The quality of the home is what impressed me most!  The staff was also very friendly and I appreciated them answering all my questions and explaining the paperwork clearly.  I was very new with Lease Options and I felt real comfortable with the lease process after meeting with Ryan and Mick.  I am very happy with OIG and I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.  Another thing is that they have helped me correct my credit and have been very patient with me throughout the whole process!”

                                                                               R. Buck,  Southview – Toledo, OH

“Home Depot has worked with the Oakridge Investment family for many years.  I feel the company is very professional in all business dealings.  As the Home Depot Supervisor I have much respect for the staff and the people operating the business.  Oakridge knows the remodeling business well and I have witnessed first hand from start to finish in many of their rehabs….they do a “phenomenal job!”


                        Home Depot Executive

“I am very happy with OIG and their friendly staff.  They worked with us to get a beautiful home in the area we wanted to live.  If I have any questions or problems they have always treated me as family.  I would recommend them to anyone.  Thanks OIG!”

M. Morgan, Boydson – Toledo, OH

“Oakridge has been a very good customer to deal with in my end of the business.  Their field supervisor and myself have a solid working relationship and when issues arise we brainstorm to solve the problem in the best way for both parties.  We have never had a billing issue!  They are a rock solid account.”


                        Store Manager

“When looking for a company to buy and sell properties with, Oakridge Investment Group is an outstanding choice for your personal interest. I personally have worked very closely with OIG and find them to be above reproach.  Never in the many years of working with these individuals have I questioned or needed to question their integrity.”

“It takes a lot of knowledge and courage to stand out in the Real Estate business and OIG has what it takes to do just that.  Due to the fact that I furnish title and closing services for OIG, I see all aspects of their business.  The buyers that they sell their homes to are elated about their purchases.  The sellers that sell their homes to OIG are dealt with fairly and concisely.  OIG is able to provide a service that is needed both in our community and to the individuals that are in need of buying and selling real estate.”

greatermetropolitantitlelogo         Donald J. Newman  – President of Greater Metropolitan Title

“My dealings with the owners of Oakridge Investments started way back in 2003 when my husband became disabled and had very little credit.  They sat me down and set up a plan for us to become homeowners  and repair our credit at the same time.  They were very concerned with our happiness as well as making a sale.  When it came time to finance out they walked us through the whole process.  In July 2006 we became first time home owners and there is no doubt that this would not have been possible if not for their help and professionalism.  In fact maybe you saw my husband on the front page of the business section in the March 25, 2007 edition of the Blade discussing the great help we received!  Thanks again!”


(Actual article from Toledo Blade, Real Estate Section)

T. Marie – Toledo, OH

“In today’s world, finding investments that provide high yield with security can be difficult.  I continue to be impressed with the Oakridge Investments group and their achievements, in the residential real estate market.  The opportunities they provide for my organization, meet and exceed the goals for income with a low risk factor.”

“It is a privilege to work directly with Mick and Ryan.  Their professional insights and shared core values are very important to me and I look forward to our continued relationship.”

A. Roche, Church of God 7th Day – Investor

“I view Oakridge Investments from a different perspective.  See I work for them as a handyman.  It has always amazed me the quickness in which they respond to the FAMILIES (that’s how they see them, as families, not just tenants) in their homes.  No matter how big of problem or simple of problem they may have they send me or someone else to look at it and take care of it.  They really do want all the families to be safe and pleased with their home.  They go the proverbial extra mile no matter how much extra there is.  I am proud to be apart of them!”

Pastor Jeff – Handyman

“George says you run a very clean operation!  I’d say, as the bookkeeper that of the many companies I deal with, your company is the only one that pays the right amount, on or before the due date and the title work is all above board.  We really appreciate it!”

Kate Boyd, – POSit, LLC, Vice President – Investor

“I live next door to a home on Boydson that Oakridge Investments rehabbed and sold to a lovely family.  I watched the process of fixing it up from a “disaster” to a beautiful home, inside and out!  It sure improved my house and yard.  All the workers did a wonderful job!”

Mrs. Antoinette Marman, Boydson – Toledo, OH

“The best word in describing Oakridge Investment Group is PROFESSIONAL.  They make my job in servicing them very easy by providing me with explicit instructions of the work they want done.  I have been working with them (or their employees) for close to ten years and consider them one of my most valued customers.”


Mike Gory of the Sherwin Williams Company

Hi, my name is Renee and I am working on becoming an OIG home buyer!  I’m really glad that I chose OIG to do business with.  They are really up front about what’s going on and they keep me updated about what’s taking place to help me purchase my home.  I have looked at lots of homes before choosing the home I currently live in.  I am very satisfied with the home and it was very nice and clean inside and out.  The management was very friendly with me and my family.  I would rate OIG a 10 because that’s how they were to me!” 

Renee Barry, Hudson – Toledo, OH

“I would like to take a few moments to express my deep appreciation for what I feel has been a great business experience.  Let me start by saying that dealing with Oakridge Investments, formerly Lakeshore Homes has truly been, not only profitable and pleasurable, but most of all a secure method of investment.  I have been doing business with them (principals) since 2000, I have received all interest payments promptly and on time and never missing one.  So at this time let me give all the fine folks at Oakridge Investments a huge THANK YOU for a job well done!”

J D Clayton, Investor

“We feel very fortunate and proud to have been a supplier / contractor for Oakridge Investment Group principle parties for over 15 years.  During that time we have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and a very easy organization to work with.  They have always been quality oriented, open minded with any of our recommendations and most importantly a well-paying firm.  We have in the past and will continue to recommend them whenever there is a need.  I wish we had more customers like them!”


John Parker, Sales Manager – Quality Overhead Door

“I’ve worked with OIG (or its principals) for over 8 years and during that time they’ve always paid on time and provided specific expectations regarding job quality.  They make sure the job is done right!  Their project manager is firm but fair in making sure projects are completed to an exact standard.”

Mike Varanese – Affordable Roofing

“I have done business with Mick Clayton for probably the last 10-12 years.  In this time I have always received the necessary papers and insurance coverage on time.  The people have always treated me with the highest respect and answered all questions regarding any property.  I also do recommend them to other investors so they may have the same privilege of doing business with Oakridge Investments!”

D.C.S Trust – D. Czajka – Vice President of Toledo REIA – Investor

“As a greater than 10 year investor with the owners of Lakeshore Homes and Oakridge Investment Group, LLC, I would like to take the opportunity to share my positive experience regarding the business relationship.  Particularly, as a retiree, I was very impressed with the professional courtesy, attention to detail, timeliness of return and payment mailings on my investments.  I would not hesitate to invest with them in the future.”

D. Carver – Investor

“Oakridge Investments is a wonderful business.  They have a very hard working staff and were quite easy to work with.  They are very responsive from a management perspective.  I will recommend OIG to anyone who needs such a service.”


     Sam Joumaa – AGP Contractors, LLC