Our Team

Oakridge Investments Group, LLC (OIG) is in the business of purchasing, renovating, renting and selling single family homes in the greater Toledo area.  Our office is located at 2638 Tremainsville Toledo, Ohio 43613.

Though OIG has only been in business since March 2006 it should be noted that we are a spin-off from the parent company Lakeshore Homes.  Lakeshore Homes proudly served the Toledo housing market since 1987.  OIG’s greatest asset is the over 45 years of combined real estate experience between each principal.

OIG is not a realty company.  We own every home that we sell or rent.  This is part of what differentiates us from the typical realtor.  As owners of the homes we have direct control over quality of the home, the location, the price and the financing strategy.  Because of this control, we are able to standby our product and guarantee the quality of each home.

A substantial competitive advantage we have over realtors is that homes can be offered to buyers who do not have bank financing at the current time.  They may have credit issues, debt ratio problems, not enough time on the job or insufficient funds required towards equity.  As owners we can offer flexible financing options to buyers as well as assist in credit repair.


OIG is comprised of two equal members, Mr. Michael D. Clayton and Mr. Ryan M. Clayton. Each member brings substantial education and experience to the business allowing for a successful real estate team.

MIckClayton-RealtorPhoto002Michael graduated from the University of Toledo in 1975 earning a bachelor degree in Engineering.  He spent over 15 years working for a local engineering firm while at the same time educating himself in real estate and acquiring rental property throughout Toledo.  In 1987 he founded Lakeshore Homes with a friend and together they began acquiring rental and investment property throughout Toledo.  In 1992, they both left their places of employment and began working full time as Lakeshore Homes.  Lakeshore flourished in the Toledo market for over 15 years and was known as a cornerstone in the land contract business by many peers and real estate professionals.  They closed their doors in January of 2007 as each partner decided to embark in new directions.  In 2006 Michael formed Oakridge Investments Group, LLC with his son, Ryan.  Michael brings over 30 years of real estate knowledge and business ownership to OIG along with many professional contacts and successful business skills.


Ryan graduated from the University of Toledo in 2005 earning a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Family Business along with minors in Marketing and Finance.  He graduated Cum Laude and with an Honors Degree from the business college.  As Michael’s son he grew up in the real estate business and formed his own company with two business partners, his brother Tim and friend Eric while still in high school.  Over the next 6 years he bought and sold five investment properties throughout Toledo and interned at Lakeshore Homes for his final two years of college. After graduating from college he was employed full time by Lakeshore Homes and had the responsibility of purchasing property and financing clients as he continued learning the entire business.  This also allowed him to acquire first hand experience of operational business techniques.  Ryan brings over 8 years of real estate experience as well as four years of formal business education to complete the management team.

Our Staff

Normal business operations are managed by the two principals.  Michael oversees property renovation, construction, maintenance, material procurement, work scheduling, legal and accounting.  Ryan manages home acquisition, sales, advertising, marketing, financing, credit repair, databases and web site management.

We believe in continuing education and have taken numerous real estate related courses.  These courses have included multiple topics such as purchasing distressed property, property renovation, construction cost analysis, real estate law, property valuation, sales techniques, marketing, property financing, and internet sales to name a few.  Ryan is currently entertaining the possibility of acquiring a real estate license in Ohio.

Staff includes an office assistant who handles many day to day operations; she previously worked with Lakeshore Homes and is now a member of the OIG team.  Her primary responsibilities include data entry, handling of phone calls, bill paying, insurance issues, working with our local tax department, working with the utility companies and developing legal paperwork such as mortgages, promissory notes, deeds and mortgage releases.  She also excels at using the computer to manage emails, type documents and track appointments.

Also on staff is a full time construction supervisor.  His main responsibility is overseeing our entire construction operation.  This includes the hiring and firing of construction crews, ordering all materials, maintaining each projects budget and timeline as well as maintenance associated with our tenants.  He was previously employed by Lakeshore Homes for 10 years as well as the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority where he was employed as a housing inspection supervisor.

Together our team has over 45 years of combined real estate knowledge and experience.  We are committed to improving and implementing our excellent products and services throughout the Toledo residential real estate market.

We at Oakridge Investments are very proud of our staff and their abilities that allows us to form the best real estate team in Toledo.  Our team members are actively involved in Toledo and take pride in the city.  Here is a list of just a few of the groups that we participate in or are members of:

YMCA Corporate Board – Trustee
West Toledo YMCA – Board Member
National Federation of Independent Business – Member
REIA – Real Estate Investor Association – Trustee
OREIA – Ohio Real Estate Investor Association – Trustee
OPHP – Ohio Professional Housing Providers
NREIA – National Real Estate Investor Association – Member
Toledo Chamber of Commerce – Member
Graduates from the University of Toledo
      – Bachelor in Business, Honors Degree, Cum Laude
      – Bachelor in Engineering
CERT – Community Emergency Response Team – Member
American Legion – Member
Disabled American Veterans – Member
U.S. Army Veteran
Boy Scouts of America – including Eagle Scouts
Westgate Chapel – Member
B’Nai Israel Synagogue – Member
Northwest Ohio Flag Football – Sponsor