Cash for your Home


Oakridge Investment Group offers high quality homes for rent and sale in Toledo.  To do this we must purchase homes throughout Toledo.  As we continue to offer superior housing in the Toledo area, we also need to purchase home.  While ideally we are looking for three and four bedroom homes that have garages and basements we do not limit ourselves to this criteria.  If you have a home in a stable area, we may have interest.  If your home needs work, we may have interest and if you need cash fast, we may have interest.

We can offer cash for all homes purchased in Toledo and can close the purchase within 10 business days. Oakridge Investment Group uses Toledo title companies and Toledo realtors to purchase their homes.  But, we would love the opportunity to purchase your home directly from you!

So if you are moving, if you have financial problems, or even going through a divorce or need to settle an estate we can help!  Please call us at 419-474-0329 or email us at